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The question bank is curated by a team of experts led by Dr Rohan Khandelwal and Dr Vinayak Rengan. Our team of content creators comprises surgeons and trainees currently practising in the NHS. The questions are created for the Mortimer Green app exclusively

For our Mortimer Green MRCS question bank, references are from latest editions of standard textbooks like Bailey and Love 27th edition, latest NICE and RCS guidelines as well as latest and credible research papers.

Questions are updated regularly and frequent checks are done to ensure that they are in accordance with the latest guidelines and recommendations. Mortimer Green question bank for MRCS remains the most standard and updated prep material for MRCS Part A.

There is a trial mode on the app, which allows you to access a topic free of cost for 1 day. Do try it out before subscribing to the MCQ bank.

You can access the Mortimer Green MRCS questions as long as your subscription lasts. Do let us know a week before your subscription ends. We might be able to offer you a discount to extend your subscription.

You can do the questions an unlimited number of times.

In practice mode, you can attempt a question and immediately check the answer and explanation. In test mode, you can choose how many questions you want to study and attempt all of them. After attempting the questions, you can view the answers and explanations. You get analytics too.

Our expert team responds to the questions. If there are errors we make sure that we correct them as early as possible. However we may not be able to reply personally to every query. Abusive language is not tolerated.


You should begin by solving our mcqs and go through the relevant theory in the explanation part of the answer. Solving the mcqs repeatedly will help you with time management as you need to process and answer the questions in five hours. The last 2-3 weeks should be dedicated solely to the revision of course material. It's crucial to concentrate on the basic sciences subjects as you might need to dedicate extra time for reading the detailed basic literature. By religiously watching the video lectures and taking proper notes, you can be fully prepared to ace Part A.

Test & Discussions

Test & discussions are question and answer discussion sessions. You can interact with Dr Rohan or Dr Vinayak and a few of our other experts. They are usually conducted over ZOOM.

No. the live sessions are not recorded. As per Mortimer Green company policy, it is strictly prohibited for any participant to record our live sessions

The information about test & discussions will be updated via email every week. However links to access the live discussion shall be available only to subscribers.

No. Only the subscriber is allowed to attend the live session. Sharing of links in public is prohibited and can lead to cancellation of subscription.

Video Lectures

The video lectures are likely to be released by the end of february 2022. New plans and options to upgrade your current subscription will be available as soon as video lectures are released.

Dr Rohan Khandelwal and Dr Vinayak Rengan will be delivering most of the video lectures. Dr S Kumar will be handling orthopedics for MRCS.

The video lectures will be very comprehensive. They will cover all core topics in Basic sciences and Principles of Surgery in General (PoSG). If you feel any topic needs to be covered, do let us know.


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