The MRCS Part B exam is challenging because it calls on exam takers to demonstrate their suturing skills, clinical knowledge, history taking and communication skills just as if they would with patients, caretakers or coworkers in a healthcare setting.

This requires some familiarity with how the hierarchies within the UK healthcare systems work, how to do handovers or referrals to colleagues and even how to calm down a frustrated caregiver.

Where is one supposed to practice these skills? The MRCS Part B course by Mortimer Green is designed from scratch keeping in mind a hands-on approach to all possible stations.

The other aspect of the exam that foreign aspirants struggle with is ‘Communication’. The Part B exam expects candidates to not only communicate information, but to do so in an age-appropriate or context-appropriate manner.

All these intricacies are thoroughly explained and students are given several opportunities to roleplay during the workshop and get personalized feedback.

The interactive MRCS Part B workshop has already taken place several times in Chennai and has earned excellent reviews from participants.

The next MRCS Part B workshop will take place in Chennai on the 11th and 12th of March, 2023.

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